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Thursday, June 16, 2011


On the eve of Friday, June 17, 2011; I would like to pay tribute here to that fateful day four years ago. Sunday, June 17, 2007. Just in case you haven't been following my "Denise Dances" blog regularly, tomorrow marks the four-year anniversary of the day that I, along with the New London Police Department discovered that my best friend Paula, of the past 7 years had passed away quietly in her home of the prior 8 years in New London, CT.

Every year, around this time; I go through it. Emotions that don't get expressed. I started off fine this year, going to a movie in Niantic on Sunday to commemorate my friendship with Paula by doing an activity that we both used to enjoy doing. And to remember her. In the wake of the sudden death of my Best Friend II, Russell Cavanaugh; I knew I would need to do something just to remember Paula. I did. I saw the Woody Allen production, "Midnight in Paris" in Niantic on Sunday. Everything was fine.

On the actual date of her birthday this year, on Tuesday, June 14, 2011: I did something befitting. I walked from my apartment on Hempstead Street to "Paula," her house on 190 Vauxhall Street, which I've named "Paula," in a nod to "Gone with the Wind," the 1939 blockbuster featuring the Southern plantation estate called "Tara." (MUSIC OVER)

I always feel very good when I make this pilgrimmage, which I've made all through the rainy and foggy Spring months of April and May this year. I enjoy the walk very much and so does my fanny! :) (I've lost a lot of weight, you see.) I enjoy cutting across "Williams Square Park," aptly named after Washington Square Park which separates the East and West sections of Greenwich Village, referred to as The Village, in New York. I re-named this park in order to differentiate it from "Williams Memorial Park," which is the actual namesake of the park upon which my apartment building was constructed in the 1960s. And by the way, did you realize that Dunkin Donuts on Broad Street is much cheaper than the Bean & Leaf Cafe? And that you actually know what you are getting at DD, whether it actually DOES have caffeine or not? And thus, the sleepless nights are over; I hope, and I have been sleeping like a log on most nights these days, a first in my life thus far.

It wasn't until Tuesday evening into Wednesday afternoon that I started to feel it. That unnamed emotion that lies dormant until forced to the surface like a volcanic explosion. Hanging out at Ocean Beach yesterday in the humidity when I would normally shop for groceries. Not exactly "ambrosia." But glad to sit right down by the water by My Spot at Ocean Beach and have the cool breezes wash over me. And taking several walks up and down the boardwalk and admiring the beauty of the many flowers in full bloom in June. I felt it. Anger! Rage! Why! Ugggggh! the humidity! Whacked out. Emotions. Like small explosions. Where did they come from? And extreme sadness. Misery. Pain. Over losing Russell as well. Even though I know, deep inside that he is in Heaven as well, that there is an afterlife, a Hereafter, where the Spirit doesn't ease the pain of loneliness and knowing that I will never see my latest best friend at Ocean Beach, swimming in the ocean by My Spot, who will walk to the outdoor shower and rinse off, and then come over and chat with me for a few minutes before heading back to his home on Ocean Avenue one of his two cars, his convertible.

I had a good day. The humidity made me very uncomfortable. Ocean Beach is beautiful this time of year. Then why do I feel so crappy?

On today, Thursday, June 16, 2011; I would like to thank the New London Police Department for coming to my rescue around 12 noon, on Sunday, June 17, 2007...and for many, many times since then!

(Once again, I could never have made it this far, without you, My Guardian Angels here on Earth, and...My TWO in Heaven!!!...* * * :)


UP NEXT, after my Lunch Break, here in the Town of Groton, home of the rams and the Peacable Kingdom; we will have:

Results! of the Blood Drive 1989. What is Debbie able to do for blood? Stay tuned and find out! at Corporate HQ in midtown Maaaanhatttannnnn! For more info, go to:

LEGACY, my annual tribute to that fateful day, June 17, 2007. (ad lib) Thus, my reason for being here at the Groton Library today, not once but twice this week. (However, tomorrow, I will see you in downtown New London on Friday, June 17, 2011 for Previews on Parade, at 12 Noon, featuring musical acts, live at the new Parade Plaza! (home of the Whale's Tail fountain!)

More Healthy Tips, featuring the Body Mass Index...Target Heart Rate...and the Glycemic Index in future posts.

And eventually, "Ain't gwine to de Hospital," a dirge which will be my tribute to my late best friend, Russell Cavanaugh. As well, this is a difficult time for me as Russell's passing coincides with the opening of the summer beach season and Paula's passing four years ago tomorrow.

(Once again, I couldn't have made it this far without you, My Guardian Angels, here on Earth and...My TWO in Heaven!!!...* * * :)

Denise...Denise Dances...2011

P.S. Did my life really get that bad that I would need, not One, but Two Guardian Angels in Heaven!

Almost Paradise

41 hits on Monday, June 13, 2011! Once again, I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanx to all of You, My Faithful Readers on this beautiful, sunny morning; live here from the Groton Library.

"Almost Paradise?" Well, yes. If you consider a sunny, peaceful morning "sans stalkers," without traffic (well, you can't have it all... yet...); a mug of fresh coffee and the opportunity to walk to a grassy meadow, lined with a barbed wire fence and strewn with wildflowers, in order to view the rams munching the tall grass in the Peacable Kingdom! The scene recalls my childhood days in Montville, the back yard scenes in Uncasville, CT where I grew up and a wish for simpler times which I've only been able to experience here in the Town of Groton. What brings me to this particular place? Groton is the place where I spent my childhood with my grandmother, Memere and our many cousins across the bridge! There was a beach on the banks of Bluff Point, Groton Town Beach; where we often went with a picnic lunch.

In later years, I've held many (temporary) job assignments right here at the Four Corners, where Fort Hill Road intersects with Route 117. The Groton Town Hall, (Olsten) where I worked in Spring 1995, enjoying my lunch hour with lunch in my car at Bluff Point; and Pequot Health Center, where I took the class in Medical Terminology in Spring 1995; Q105 (Kelly) where I worked as a receptionist (1994); ("Q105, this is Denise; Q105, please hold."); Claude Chester Elementary School (music Sub) - which I loved! and Ella T. Grasso Regional Vocational Technical School, Sub, 1997; and Fitch Middle School (Fall 1997-Spring 1998), a one-year temporary Special Aide aide position (which is my favorite job of all time).

In addition to mostly good memories as a working Sub here (pun intended!); this is the place where I finally received the medical help I needed to find the source of my troubles, which I believe to be the Diabetes gene. The caring staff at Pequot Health Center has helped me greatly throughout the years with the E.R. visits, the blood tests for multiple causes, the follow up bloodwork in the lab, and the now closed for good, Pequot Cafe, where I learned healthy eating habits for life (closely following the instructions of my dietician at Joslin Diabetes Center), and made friends.  I will cover more about the Diabetes gene and proper health maintenance, which is the original purpose for my blog, "Denise Dances" (which, oh, by the way was started here at the Groton Library --  in future posts!

Oh, there is one more thing that I haven't mentioned here. Groton, which I consider "the place of my blessing" is also the place where I sold my first painting, "The Hills Are Alive!" The Mystic Arts Center is located on the Groton side of Mystic. Mystic is actually a place which exists in name only, and exists in Stonington on one side of the Mystic River -- and Groton on the other side! In January 2012, I plan to join the Mystic Arts Center as an individual member, where I plan to exhibit more paintings in the Winter 2012 Members Only well as the "Art for Life" Auction on March 31, 2012...and maybe a Summer 2012 Art Exhibit!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Monday, June 13, 2011


UP NEXT...on my blog-o-sphere, hereafter referred to as...My Voice! You've often heard me say, "My blog is My Voice!" My Voice will hereafter refer to my general blog-o-sphere which now includes: "Denise Dances" blog (since May 2008); MAAP art website (since June 2009); and "Fool's Gold" book blog (since June 2010).

UP NEXT on "Denise Dances:" Will I attempt the Emotions Word Search Game on-line again? (Stay tuned to find out.)

More on Diet & Excercise; and the link between Diabetes and Depression.

As well: "Ain't Goin to de Hospital" (my dirge dedicated to Russell!)

Speaking of dirges, how about some more stanzas from Edna St.Vincent Millay and RENASCENCE! (that dirge dating back to 1917?) ("Keep it right here.")

UP NEXT: The Memo: 1989 Blood Drive! Take a trip through the time machine and follow Debbie back to Corporate HQ in Midtown Manhattan for her latest endeavor! But...what about love? For more info, go to:

COMING SOON TO MAAP! Soon, I hope you will be able to view "Manisses Nativity Scene," which took the whole month of January to do and which I've given to my niece for her birthday this year. Most likely in mid July or August 2011. "Scenes of Mini Golf Course" (in Acrylic Folk Art) and "Pachelbel Pine...with Robin Feather Study" are part of a series, which will be available for viewing at a future date.

If you would like to see "Covered Bridge No. 15," please come to the GROTON LIBRARY, during the entire month of June and check out this SCENE OF MINI GOLF COURSE (a 16 x 20 " Oil on Canvas) at the SUMMER SOLSTICE ART EXHIBIT as well as "Carousel."

"The Familiar" will appear on MAAP in Fall 2011. ("All good things come to those who wait...and don't talk! :) For more info, go to:

What're you, crazy?

For more info, go to:


For more info, go to: "That's all, folks!!!...* * * :)

EMOTIONS: The Word Search Game


T  X  D  X  P  R  S  D  D  D  H  D  Y  L  K  D
O  A  C  R  V  U  E  E  E  O  I  D  P  O  G  E
S  U  O  N  O  S  L  T  P  S  I  E  P  N  I  P
D  T  R  F  G  U  F  P  A  K  E  F

Let's try it again, after lunch. Time to go munch out and visit the rams!  Naaah! Baaah!

Feeling hot and a tad irritated after Poquonnock Riverwalk. Beautiful...reminds me of Block Island, with its inland ponds and green shrubbery. Probably best to walk first thing in the morning; birdwatchers and dog walkers. Sumac needs to be trimmed; threatens to take over the beautiful walkway (plank). In Fall 1998-1999; I often took this walk on my morning break as a Special Ed 1:1 Aide at Fitch Middle School -- the best job I ever had!

If you would like to try the Word Search, just visit the New London Library and see if they have copies!


All Gershwin!

the U.S. Coast Guard Band Concert...."Rhapsody in Blue..." PROGRAM NOTES ON GEORGE GERSHWIN. (Sunday, May 29, 2011).

A songwriter, piano virtuoso, conductor and composer; George Gershwin was born in Brooklyn, NY to Russian immigrant parents.  ( wonder I am so fond of his music. The Russians are back!)  George and his brother Ira composed over two dozen scores for Broadway and Hollywood until his untimely death in 1937.

Upon winning Tony and Academy Awards, the two brothers won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for the political satire, "Of Thee I Sing."  Gershwin's 1935 folk opera, Porgy and Bess, (of which Paula was so fond), is based on the novel by DuBose Heyward, Porgy, about life in the Charleston ghetto. Porgy and Bess was revived in 1942, five years after Gershwin's death, and had the longest revival in Broadway musical history.

(Program facts compiled by MU1 Kelly Hurrell and MU1 Brooke Allen, USCG Band.)

In Tribute: June 14

IN TRIBUTE: Paula Gillespie, June 14, 1938 - June 17, 2007.

I would like to dedicate the prior post, "The Familiar" to my best friend Paula, whose earthly birthday would have occurred on Tuesday, June 14 2011. Recovering from the shock of losing my Best Friend II, Russell Cavanaugh, I am rebounding from the pain of past events as well. In looking back over the past four years, I've experienced a beautiful interlude within The Interlude; the past two years of my healing friendship with Russell whom I met at Ocean Beach, at My Spot, on August 17, 2009.

In order to properly pay tribute to my Best Friend I's birthday; I decided to go to Niantic and catch a movie, an activity which we enjoyed doing together. The movie, "Midnight in Paris" was much to my liking and was directed by Woody Allen. Only Paula knows how fond I am of Woody Allen's acting and directing in movies, his intellectual angst, so reminscent of New York. It was a fitting tribute, unique to my friendship with Paula. She loved the movies; Russell wasn't fond of the movies. He loved the theater; esp Granite Theater in Westerly. "It's not just for gays anymore!" (Tony Awards, Beacon Theater, New York, NY, 6/12/11.)

While rebounding from my shock and despair, as well as the joy over the friendship I was able to share with Russell during his last two years here on Earth...and my spiritual knowledge that he has joined his loved ones and my friend Paula in Heaven...I found a way to enjoy my memories of my friendship with Paula on Sunday, June 12 in Niantic.

Happy Birthday to You, Paula!

Love Always,


OASIS: Field Notes - "The Familiar"

(1) familial: adj. [F, fr. L familia] 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of a family 2: tending to occur in more members of a family than expected by chance alone (a family disorder).

(2) familiar: n 1: an intimate associate: COMPANION 2: a member of the household of a high official 3: a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person 4a: one who is well acquainted with something b: one who frequents a place.

(3) familiar spirit: n 1: a spirit...that serves or prompts an individual 2: the spirit of a dead person invoked by a medium to advise or prophecy.

COMING SOON to MAAP!..."The Familiar," inspired by a BACKYARD SCENE in Spring 2009. In prismacolor pencil and watercolor pencil & brush.

( do you think I survived my prolonged stay at...The Residence? Once again, I couldn't have made it this far, without you, My Guardian Angels here on Earth and...My TWO in Heaven!!!...* * * :)

Denise...Denise Dances...2011...(SOS :)