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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guardian Spirit


"Contemporary interest in angels is built largely around guardian angels, a specific category of angelic beings said to be assigned to watch over each person."

"However, parallel notions of guardian or tutelary spirits are found worldwide in every culture."

"The function of these guardian, or tutelary spirits is similar to traditional angels. They watch over and protect individuals, and in some cultures, these spirits are believed to be attached to a person from birth."

"These spirits manifest their guidance by...inexplicable 'hunches' or intuition; visions...or voices."


Undertaken by certain Native American groups, the "vision quest" is a formal rite of Puberty, the transition from Childhood to Adulthood (known as Adolescence). It's the "ritual quest" for a revelation, usually in the form of a dream or vision from the spirit world.

The revelation is hoped to inspire a sense of purpose and identity in a young person, leading to his or her adult vocation.

The rituals involve treks into the wilderness where the young person fasts in order to bring on a visionary experience. The young initiated person often acquires a spirit helper in the form of an animal spirit, deceased relative, or a personification of nature. This link-up, the meeting of a Spirit Guardian can be viewed as a new relationship or the conscious realization of a relationship which has existed since birth.

(SOURCE: The afore-mentioned "Angels A-Z.")

(Once again, I could never have made it this far without you, my Guardian Angels here on Earth; and -- My TWO in Heaven!!!...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011...!)


UP NEXT! We have, for you here today, on my "Denise Dances" blog, part of the conglomerate, "MY VOICE"  -- from My Sources, these wonderful books from the Book Barn in downtown Niantic, former earthly abode of Frank the Cat, a review of Guardian Spirits.

"Manisses Nativity Scene" (OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND) and "The Familar" (BACKYARD SCENES). The Scenes of Mini Golf Course (in Acrylic Folk Art) will have to wait for a future date! (All good things come to those who wait...and don't talk! :)

However, if you would like to view: "Covered Bridge No. 15" (SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE, 16 x 20 Oil) and "Carousel" (CAROUSEL SCENES); then by all means, come to the Groton Library for the Third Annual Summer Solstice Art Exhibit! You can't miss it! Check out the work of the many other artists from the local Southeastern CT community, as well. (By June 30th, during regular hours)....Just...don't...tap me on the shoulder!

(For more info, go to:

UP NEXT: More poems from the love-torn Debbie at Corporate Headquarters in Midtowwwn Maaaanhattan! Featured poems to include, "All Stressed Out," "End of the line," and LOVE IN THE ZEROX ROOM. For more info, go to:


According to Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, the "Collective Unconscious" is the storehouse of myths and symbols to which all human beings have access. The basic structure of many symbols and myths are universal, even between cultures with no connection in history. Jung's theory is that these universal "truths" result from unconsious patterns we inherit from distant ancestors. This reservoir of knowledge forms a collective unconscious, separate from the individual.

archetype: n [L archetypum, fr. Gk archetypon, fr. neut. of archetypos archetypal, fr. archeim + typos type] 1: the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies: PROTOTYPE 2: IDEA 1a 3: an inherited idea or mode of thought in the psychology of C. G. Jung that is derived from the experience of the race and is present in the unconscious of the individual -- archetypal or archetypical adj. -- archetypally or archetypically.

How does this belief (system) manifest from culture to culture, age to age? Is there a uniformity of belief which might indicate a source other than the imagination? Has this...philosophy something to do with Jung's "collective unconscious?" Carl Jung...formulated the theory in the early part of the twentieth century. He suggested that, apart from a personal unconscious, there also existed a racial or communal unconscious. This contains every thought, every emotion, every piece of information that mankind has ever experienced or brought into being. Each individual is linked to the Collective Unconscious, drawing from it as well as adding to its huge matrix. THE BELIEF IN AN AFTERLIFE IS UNIVERSAL.

"That the imagery is reasonably consistent and very widespread may be the most significant circumstantial evidence for its veracity."

"If these universal beliefs are not subconscious cultural awareness of some basic truth, then there has to be a powerful reason for their existence."

"Yet, in terms of survival, the view that life is short and can end very abruptly seems far more likely to promote alertness and reproduction of the species...than does the concept that this life is a passing phase that leads to something better."

"Even primitive man seems to have shared this fundamental belief that life did not end with the corruption of the flesh."

MY SOURCES: "Angels A-Z," by James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver, Visible Ink Press, Canton, MI. Copyright 1996 and 2002.
"The Afterlife: An Investigation into the Mysteries of Life After Death," by Jenny Randles and Peter Hough, The Berkeley Publishing Group, New York, NY. Copyright 1993.

UP NEXT: I will briefly share with you the "different" belief systems, dating back to ancient Egypt and continuing to Greece, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, the Australian Aborigines, and finally, the American Indians.

UP NEXT: EGYPT. ("King Tut! Funky Tut!" -- Steve Martin)

51 hits on June 21st!

Not bad for the first day of summer! Thanx for reading, Everyone! I hope you enjoying viewing the photop of me with Kym & Dimitry (of course, being self-critical, I think my face looks fat; and I need to find a good dentist; and although I love my new haircut, this was a bad hair day for me -- not enough time spent outdoors in the elements.) "You're your own worst critic."

I am eagerly looking forward to re-viewing the dance video of Kym & Dimitry in front of the admiring crowd gathered at the stage on the concourse of the Shops at Mohegan Sun for this free event. While in the albeit quiet study area, I was "rudely" interrupted by a "barracuda." I say "rudely," because I admitted to said barracuda that I never do this (view a youtube video with the sound turned on while in the Quiet Study area). To which I quickly clicked out of it. I felt a tap on my shoulder. Said barracuda was standing so close to me as I sat at the computer that you would be lucky to slide a sheet of paper between us. She stood there and stared me down in close promimity and refused to budge; even after I apologized, quickly signed out of it; and said, "I'm leaving!"

OK. There you have it. Seniors have been around longer than we have. They know what to do, in order to intimidate us younger folks without making it look like they are in violation of any written or spoken laws. Although I was in violation of the rules of the Quiet Study area and my fatigue from the SECAPA picnic of the previous evening clouded my better judgement; I feel that said barracuda violated my physical space. If I had approached a younger person than me in this manner; I believe that said person would accuse me of harrassment (maybe even sexual). "Don't stand so close to me." I was forced to put up with this behavior with an over six-foot tall big scary "Sasquatch" at The Residence since the Fall of 2007 until December 2009 when I was finally able to move from that "awful place." (In the end, I was able to outsmart Sasquatch every time, much to his anger, which gave me great pleasure and made me laugh -- albeit very scary!...As an experienced woman with the protection of my Guardian Angels, here on Earth and...My TWO in Heaven!!!....* * * :) -- We have been able to resolve this matter of physical stalking and the parking lot stake-outs at The Place thus far. But, just as any good teacher knows; this behavior needs to be constantly watched and corrected. "Give 'em an inch and they'll take a yard." Take the surveillance cameras -- please! (Isn't there a word for it? Bullying!) Once again, I find myself asking: What have they got going on that they don't want anyone to know about? "Did ya get the memo?"
Why don't YOU...step outside that lens, my friend? And capsize, with all the lies, that YOU'VE been living in???... * * * :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dancin' X Two!


Well....what are they going to do to me that they haven't already done???

UP NEXT: Note of Congrats. For more info, go to: and poetry from Corporate HQ in Midtown Manhattan, "The Corporate Blues...." and more!

UP NEXT: I hope to upload two photos of my evening out, on June 17, 2011, where I posed with Kym & Dimitry of "Dancing with the Stars!"

Local news

"Local housing agencies have doled out millions to troubled developers, including novice builders, fledgling non-profits, and groups accused of fraud." "Past HUD scandals have involved misused vouchers for rental properties, unsafe conditions in public housing, and corruption in grant-making programs. The Post's investigation is the first systemic look at the progress of construction in HUD's affordable housing fund, known as the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. The program launched with great promise 2 decades ago." "Since 1992, HUD's vast main office on 7th Street in Southwest Washington and its 43 field offices have overseen 32 billion in funding, which is distributed in block grants to 642 cities, counties and states." "One of the few rules HUD imposes actually contributes to the number of failing projects. Federal law mandates that housing agencies give 15 per cent of their funding to community based non profit groups." "The agency can reduce grants to housing agencies if HUD funding is not spent quickly enough, which creates pressure to move money out." SOURCE: The Washington Post, Sunday, May 22, 2011. "Hundred of millions lost on stalled HUD Projects."

"Dancing With"

The Shops at Mohegan Sun "Reality Check" Series brought its biggest crowd ever to watch "Dancing with the Stars" T.V. dance instructors, Kym Johnson and Dimitry Chaplin perform live on stage, Friday evening, June 17, 2011.

It is obvious that they both love performing in front of a live audience. Kym Johnson is a beautiful girl with large blue eyes and a huge smile for the audience. Her partner Dimitry was a crowd pleaser as well.

Beneath the surface sexiness and the glamour, ballroom dancing is an actual sport as well as a very strict discipline. Watching these two perform live, I could sense the excitement they felt from the crowd and recalled that feeling of "mojo" as the energy builds and the momentum revs up; the strength in their limbs; her lithe body as Dimtry effortlessly lifts her and twirls her; the precision and focus of those hot moves.

When I heard on Channel 3 that a storm was approaching, I got in my car at 4pm and meandered around the Mohegan Sun Casino, along the downstairs concourse and its gushing fountains and muted music.

I enjoyed chatting with several members of the audience, a mother and daughter team; a young woman whom I guessed was a teacher (who is actually a school pychologist), and an elderly couple who waited in line to "meet and greet" the TV stars! It was worth the wait, about 45 minutes. I gushed to my idols about how I've watched every single episode, of every season, and congratulated Kym on her winning streak! And told them both how much I love the show. I introduced them to My Voice, my blog-o-sphere, and hope they will find the time to read it and share it with friends of the dance community, as well. Kym's eyes widened as I told her I was into writing and art.

I didn't have an easy time (what else is new?), finding my way out. Back to the "Indian Summer entrance." Or back to my car on Level 2, Section H. Once I did find my car, I almost panicked, driving up the steep incline through the parking garage and out the exit. And onto the rainy, dark highway. Instead of taking Exit 2A to 395, I continued along Route 2A, across the Mohegan Pequot Bridge, to Norwich. Veered onto Route 2 to Poquetanuck and Route 117. Now, I know where Route 117 ends up! Groton - the place of my blessing! Route 117 takes you through Ledyard Center. This I know, thanks to the field trip I took around Valentine's Day to check out the flowers at Holdridge's in Ledyard Center, just up Route 117 from the Groton Library.

Once I entered my turf, I was able to proceed with confidence along Route 117 to the entrance ramp to I-95; and back along the Goldstar Bridge to New London.




Coverage from this event will be posted on-line soon.

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!)


Good Morning, Everyone! 23 hits yesterday. Thanx for staying with me. As far as I know, no one followed me to the New London Library yesterday afternoon after I found the doc not in! The Parade Plaza is a peaceful place to pass the time on an almost summer afternoon, esp on Fridays, when they host the "Previews on Parade" local entertainment from 12 Noon to 1pm.

I have a feeling that my Night Out did not escape the surveillance cameras; however my stalkers kept their distance :)... If this is what it's like to be "almost famous," can you see why I retreat to Ram County every chance I get? Reminds me of my roots, although the open space and sheep meadows here in Groton Town are far more to my liking than the heavily wooded town of Montville, where I crossed the Town Line last night to venture into East Lyme, just past Chesterfield Four Corners. A peaceful pond, two German Shepherd dogs and ducks graced this retreat into the country at the private farm last night as I joined fellow artists and writers of SECAPA (Southeastern CT Authors & Publishers Association) for a much-needed picnic with lots of food (and wine, uh-oh!)...but the food absorbed it as we listened to Guest Speaker, Richard LaPorta of the Husky Trail Press of East Lyme. I made sure I understood the Map Quest directions and got clear directions out of the heavily wooded and winding country roads last night.

As I wended my way back home, a fawn stood on the edge of the woods. This is the second sign I have received and I believe that my friend Russell, who some people from the picnic know well; veered off the road to avoid hitting a deer on that fateful morning of Saturday, April 16, 2011. I also believe that it was his time, that the Angels came for Russell ("white light, Denise"). The first sign I received was at Ocean Beach on Father's Day; an "ambrosia" afternoon after my visit with my father and mother on this holiday. As I walked to OASIS, the observation deck at the end of the Nature Walk; I witnessed a very large deer, a buck, leap across the bushes on the rocks which guard Waterford Beach just past the channel to Alewife Cove. The ocean water was cool and delicious; the undulating waves just right and very soothing as they rocked me along. ("I am proud to be in my new post.")

I would like to express my sympathy to the family and friends of Russell Cavanaugh and hope they can find comfort in my words of praise for this wonderful man, who wouldn't harm a deer; and hope to foster a belief in the Hereafter, where our Angels reside, always ready to help us in our times of need.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I would like to extend a wish for a Happy Father's Day to all! Regardless of circumstance, I highly recommend a movie worth borrowing or renting on DVD: "On Golden Pond," (1981); starring Henry Fonda and Kathryn Hepburn. I enjoyed the movie last night, just as much as I did when it first appeared the year after I graduated high school. (Guess I haven't changed that much, huh?)  Another very funny movie is "Bringing Up Baby" (1938) which also stars Kathryn Hepburn as a young woman and Cary Grant; as well as a couple of live leopards on set!

41 hits last Monday.  Thanx, everyone! I realize my readership will be down as lots of people will be on vacation during the summer months.

UP AND COMING: Photos of me with "Kym Johnson & Dimitry Chaplin" of DANCING WITH THE STARS! I had the pleasure to watch a live dance performance FREE and the "Meet and Greet" opportunity after the show at the Shops at Mohegan Sun on Friday evening, June 17, 2011. (By accident? or design? There are no accidents!!!... * * * :)

As well, I will have a review of the evening for you and my long way home. (I got lost!) "Detour."

I will have more for you on Thursday, June 23 from the Groton Library, home of the rams and the Peacable Kingdom (ain't in New London!)

SECAPA Picnic in East Lyme with fellow writers awaits me tonight! Stay safe, everyone! If you chose to drink, please don't drive. (Drink at home or pick a designated driver.)