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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

56 hits!

56 hits yesterday! Thanx for following me, Everyone! Every day, I struggle to keep my faith and to have integrity and a knowing that I am doing the right thing, standing up to personal situations which I feel are unjust and most recently, in the two places where I have lived in New London, CT. I wouldn't put out anything that I didn't feel very strongly and confident about; I don't lie and I feel very strongly that I am close to the truth. In case any of you out there are doubting me, let me ask you this: When have I been wrong? I know I'm not perfect; I get frustrated at times and I have strong emotions which make some people uncomfortable. But this is who I am and some people will love me for it and some won't. If you don't love me; I strongly suggest you leave me alone. I will always have the strength and courage to speak up and fight for what I believe in; especially now that I have this blog-o-sphere, My Voice. I do not fear anyone in a position of power. I often see wrongdoing and hypocrisy in situations and places. I am just thankful that I do have the protection I need to get through each day until the present situation is brought to justice. Let me say this: THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN NOT FEELING SAFE IN YOUR OWN HOME. (Once again, I can't do it without you, my Guardian Angels here on Earth and...My TWO in Heaven!!!...* * * :) Take care, all! See you all at the beach! THINK SUNSHINE!) Back here next Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I will see you all back here, most likely next Tuesday, live from the GROTON LIBRARY, home of the lambs! (You can see them grazing in the field alongside Route 1). UP NEXT: Ancient belief systems in life after death, dating back to the pyramids. Up next, read about the days of King Tut in ANCIENT EGYPT. Soon to follow: "Greece!" and after that....Islam. (You get the picture.) Also UP NEXT: More health tips in Diet Depression and fun facts on the Body Mass Index (mine always reveals I'm "obese." Have you seen me lately? Not! As well, fun facts to share on Target Heart Rate. Also up next: I like what I do. It's volunteer. That means that I choose to do this, "Denise Dances" blog and plug my hot novel, "Fool's Gold" on-line..and Make My Art Affordable to the Public...and I don't get paid. But in light of the fact of recent happenings and exploits, don't you all think that it's high now...that I mean what I say...when I SHOW ME THE MO-NEEEEEEEEEY!!!...* * * :) Denise...Denise Dances...2011!


It is very hot here in the Peacable Kingdom today. Walking to DQ (HFS), past Burrows Farm to see the lambs today and back is far enough. The Poquonnock Riverwalk hasn't felt safe to me lately, but once school starts in the Fall; it may be a better place to walk once again. "Hot and angry" is not a good combo, either, but how can I not feel better after a picnic lunch outdoors near the chickens out back, and the shady walk along Route 1? Tomorrow is July 13 and I hope to be at OB! I feel frustrated by certain things that continue to elude me at this point. All I have to say is this: Hope some of you out there don't find the tables turned someday. (You will.)

A Girl Worth Fighting For!

Captain! Urgent news from the General!
We're needed at the front!
"Pack your bags, Crickie!
We're movin' out!"
Well, about time we be marching off to battle!
In a thundering herd, we feel a lot like cattle.
Like a pounding beat, our aching feet
Aren't easy to ignore.
Hey! Think of instead
A girl worth fighting for!
That's what I said:
A girl worth fighting for!
I want her fairer than the moon
With eyes that shine like stars
A girl will marvel at my strength
Adore my battle scars
I couldn't care less what she'll wear or what she looks like
It all depends on what she cooks like!
Beef! Pork! Chicken! Mmm!
Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer!
And I'll bet the ladies love a man in armor.
You can guess what we have missed the most since we went off to war!
Whatta we want?
A girl worth fighting for!
A girl will think I have no faults
That I'm a major find
Uh -- how 'bout a girl who's got a brain?
Who always speaks her mind?
My many ways to turn a phrase
Are sure to thrill her
(He thinks he's such a lady killer!)
I've a girl back home
Who's not like any other...
Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother!
What do we want more than victory
To line up at the door?
Whatta we want?
A girl worth fighting for!
Wish that I had
A girl worth fighting for!
A girl worth fighting -- !
(FROM: Walt Disney Pictures presents....MULAN! "Auntie Denise! You should watch Mulan. Keep watching it!) From birth to about 4 years of age, I enjoyed a regular relationship with my niece. But most of my efforts to spend time with her since July 2008 have failed.
("Family fighting. Father in a nursing home. But they made up. Stopped calling me." 2007-2008) WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

(She's always running to her family and they don't care about her. You should see...she can't go to her family for anything.") -- E.D. to P.G., 2004, New London, CT)
I would like to dedicate this post to my niece Julia, who recognizes me for who I truly am and loves me just the same.
Denise Hickey
New London, CT

Monday, July 11, 2011

More tomorrow!

I will see you here tomorrow, live from the Peacable Kingdom! I almost typed "lie" instead but ya know what? I never lie.  Funny that no one who knows me really well can ever accuse me of lying. Because I don't lie.

By the way, this new interface sucks! What have they done with my song? You can't see it; but now when I type the rough draft, the interface is very, very different. And I don't like it. Oh, well...things could be worse.

The weather has been...Ambrosia! I swam for Russell today! Just in time for Sailfest.  And the neighbors have backed off...but like any good teacher knows, if you don't keep on 'em, they always come back for more! While these neighbors have managed to curb their behavior, I have much more peace of mind. I can relax more while driving and doing errands. I can leave the house and arrive home, without the fear of being stalked and badgered. I take great comfort in the fact that not only have I worked hard to make it easier for me to live there...but this will give all the others who follow in my footsteps a better place to live in the future as well. Let's all contribute to the future of God's Kingdom in any way we can!

Once again, I couldn't have done it without you, my Guardian Angels here on Earth...and...My TWO in Heaven!

I'm Back!

36 hits on July 5th! Not too bad for the day after the holiday weekend. I never have trouble at Ocean Beach, but my blue and pink beach bag got left behind and possibly stolen on Monday, July 4th; either at My Spot at the end of the boardwalk or out in the parking lot. It didn't have my most valuable things in it. It had some old Rayban sunglasses which I never wear because they are non prescription. It had a full tube of suntan lotion, economy brand. It had a black net cover-up I never wear anymore. It had that cool plastic thing that can hold your keys and floats like a buoy, which I've had forever. It even contained my drawing pad and some old colored pencils in a case, as well as my latest drawing of the Echinacea Purpurea (painted daisies) in various stages of development. While I am not thrilled that my beach bag was lost and / or stolen, I hope that it went to a good new owner. Pool kit? Perfect for a young girl who aspires to be a budding artist.