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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011....Live here from the Groton Library! First of all, I hope and pray that everyone has managed to STAY SAFE and sound during Hurricane Irene; with minimal damage to property and person. As for me; I was kept high and dry on the 8th floor of my apartment building. However, we did lose the power around 12 Noon on Sunday; and the power was restored sometime Monday afternoon when I arrived home (again, from the Groton Library). I am sooooo depressed that Ocean Beach is closed today, as it would be great for swimming (always hot due to tail end of "The Change," I guess). "Don't mess with me!" :)....I am always happy to see justice done, but it appears we are not out of the woods yet. Great job! From the email I received, as the G. Library just received power for the internet as I walked in this afternoon; it sounds as if Ocean Beach is trying to open tomorrow, Wednesday. As anyone who knows me too well can tell you; I often find a way to b**ch and complain about things. But, the things we take for granted. I got my power back! A/C, nice and cool, soothing, helps me sleep. Lights, so I can see and read. My TV and my music channels. My stove, microwave, and toaster so I can cook and eat hot food! My coffee maker in the morning! Lovin' it! Yesterday, I spent most of the day outside, here at the Groton Library, and I was rewarded by seeing dozens of rams and lambs in full sight in the front fields along Route 1; alongside colorful zinnias growing in the gardens. I even spied two little brown baby lambs! Of course, DQ was closed. (What did they do with all that melting ice cream?) And I walked the track around Poquonnock Plains Park, but it was hot and populated. In the fall, esp October, it will be beautiful there. I am in the process of photographing all of my paintings, in the hopes of future reproduction into prints and notecards, but I do not see any profit in this. The artists whom I've met and seen out on Block Island appear to be doing quite well in the sales of original oils and watercolors. Stay tuned for my Solo Art Show at the East Lyme Public Library and Community Center, for the month of September 2011! Come on in and get your Christmas shopping done early this year! I know that my readership has dropped this month; but I went through my slush pile at home and I still have some more good stuff for you! However, I would like to attempt to make my off-line creative art & writing projects a priority this Fall! If I don't keep my blog up and running; however, people are going to wonder what I'm up to...:). Got some good stuff, everyone. More to come! Keep reading! Denise...Denise Dances...2011.