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Saturday, September 17, 2011



So that's what happened to him! Paintings in acrylic and oil by the artist "Sasha" are on display on the second floor of the Westerly Public Library, the temporary home of the Hoxie Gallery. Not surprisingly, my favorites included a trio: "Russian Fairy Tale I," Russian Fairy Tale II" and "Russian Fairy Tale III." The First features a beautiful red bird of paradise...the Second in the series, the gentleman is wooing her...and the third, ah! Dragon-slaying! (Need I say more?) "Sasha" is Aleksandr Trachishin, who was a Resident Artist from Russia, residing at the Griffis Art Center in New London in the early 1990s. Alex was my Instructor at the Artware Store in Groton, where I created "Academia" under his tutelage. Now on display at the East Lyme Public Library for the month of September. For more info, go to:

Art Thrives in Westerly!

FOR MORE INFO, go to the Westerly Cooperative Artists Gallery, downtown for: "Black, White & Shades of Gray...Value" Artist Members Show, running September 1-24. 7 Canal Street, downtown Westerly, RI. It's next to the United Theater, off of High Street. Open Tues-Sat, 10-5pm. For more info, go to:

Dating Etiquette

As I stayed home and rested all day on Friday, I tuned in to my fave afternoon shows! First, Better Connecticut with Scott Haney & Kara Sundlan (sp?) on Channel 3 at 3. This is a fun-filled, light-hearted TV show with lots of useful information for those who live (and work) all over Connecticut. Here is some helpful advice for those of you who are (still) single! DATING ETIQUETTE. The "date doctor" says: On the First Date: Go out together for coffee or ICE CREAM! (I'll take the latter. I love coffee; but -- I'm almost always hungry! And I looooooove ice cream!) The Second Date: The "date doctor" (herself a woman) feels that if you both decide that you like each other enough to see each other again; the gentleman should take the lady out to dinner and pay! The ideal spot differs with each couple, but a place that is nice and quiet where you both can talk is the best bet. The Third Date: (How does anyone make it this far?) In this economy and tough times; consider "Cheap Dates!" To suit the preferences of the couple, cheap dates can be anything, from taking hikes in the local parks and beaches with a picnic lunch (and a bottle of wine :)... and going to the grocery store to shop and cook dinner at home....Your place or mine???...* * * :) (Denise...Denise Dances...2011).


OK. It's true that I choose to do this: "Denise Dances" blog; writing about my life experiences and communicating to all of you readers out there on-line. I choose to do this. It's volunteer -- WORK. That means that I don't get paid to do this. I do enjoy doing this. I feel that I am trying to make the world "a better place" as well as to tell "my side" of the story (as I feel "listening" is indeed a lost art these days, which we should all practice a lot more of; including me!) However, as more creative projects take hold of me; including my art studio, OASIS (my Third Year: Sept.-May); and planning more Gigs for MAAP in 2012 (also my Third Year) -- I would like to wean off of my blog a bit and start to keep a Private Journal. How much of this blog, "Denise Dances" is the real me? Or is it the face I choose to show to the world? My Blog (which subsequently has become MY VOICE, along with "Fool's Gold" and MAAP) may need to step down from its soapbox for a while. Like I said, whenever I do any type of work; three years seems to be the absolute limit for me and I feel totally burned out, physically, mentally and emotionally. So...Monthly Updates instead? (To keep my focus only on what is essential). Gotta live the second half of my we can all get...THE REST OF THE STORY! I don't plan to live the Second Half of My Life on-line! OASIS beckons...and I do have plenty of creative juices left...Stay tuned for more Art Gigs as MAAP begins its Third Year in 2012! Featuring the HYGIENIC "Salon des Independents", downtown New London in late January to early February 2012...the "Art for Life" Auction for the Alliance for Living based in New London, taking place at the Mystic Arts Center on March 31, 2012...and perhaps the Members Only Spring & Fall Art Exhibits at...the Westerly Artists Cooperative Gallery in Rhode Island!

"Talking to Heaven"

"Your family and friends who have not forget you. They are more accessible to you...than they were living on the earth. They know more about your soul's path and motivation than while they were alive. They...check on you very often...even though a spirit is beckoned, it does not mean that it will drop everything to make contact with you...Just as you go to work every day and fulfill a job...when your family or friends pass into the world of spirit, they also fill their existence with so-called jobs and work to progress themselves spiritually. When you call on them with your thoughts, they hear you loud and clear...but do not become obsessed with it, for you are not only holding them back from their progress but keeping yourself from the work you need to accomplish here." SOURCE: "Talking to Heaven (A Medium's Message of Life After Death); by James Van Praagh; Dutton: Penguin Putnam, Inc.; New York, NY. Copyright 1997. For further info re: James Van Praagh, send a SASE to: Spiritual Horizons, Inc.; 7985 Santa Monica Blvd.; Suite 109-135, West Hollywoood, CA 90046. Or go to: A copy of this book is usually available at the Book Barn, located on 269 Main Street in downtown Niantic, CT (for $4.oo plus tax). (For more info, go to:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Miss "Can't Do Wrong!"

"I'm here at the East Lyme Public Library, Thurs, 9/15." (TWEET!) "I'm taking my dirty laundry (darks) to downtown Niantic today to get away from the stalkers and talkers." (TWEET!) "I checked on my art show and it still looks great!" (TWEET!) "Thanx to my Guardian Angels once again for protecting me where I live!" (TWEET!) "Dancing with the Stars premieres next Monday on ABC TV at 8pm." (TWEET!) "I may consider dancing along -- with the shades up! (Freedom of Expression) (TWEET!) (For more info, check out "Robin in Red Maple" (BACKYARD SCENES) here at the East Lyme Public Library in September!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

31 Hits Tuesday

Thanx to Everyone; my faithful followers and anyone who is new to my site. I am trying to become positive and stay out of trouble these days! I realize that everything I say and do affects others, especially the youth of today. It is a constant struggle for all of us to set a good example; but it can be achieved with determination and not without a whole lotta faith! 31 hits on Tuesday (9/13). I will be back with some more good stuff sometime next week. See you all then. In the meantime, as we all recover from Hurricane Irene (the great equalizer) and rebound from 9/11 -- Check out my Solo Gig Art Exhibit at the East Lyme Public Library & Community Center, just off of Society Road from Route 161, from I-95...Exit 74, I believe. (Denise...Denise Dances...2011) P.S. Every month at the EL Como Center is a featured artist or photographer in many unique and beautiful shows, which I used to view as a dancer with Shoreline Swing, accompanied by my best friend Paula from 2001-2007.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Time Out!

Lunch time! (And time for a Time Out!)

Ancient Belief Systems: ISLAM

In the Seventh Century A.D., the prophet Mohammed founded "Islam" at Mecca in Arabia. At the age of 40, Mohammed started receiving revelations from God. "Islam" wasw established by the Moslems. Its laws and beliefs were written in "The Koran." "The Koran" gives guidance on earthly matters. If man refuses to submit to God and do His will, he will suffer the the Afterlife. The good, however, will enjoy a garden of paradise. (-- I'm there! -- DH) The evil, to severe punishment. (Don't interfere with their penance.) Two angels, "Munkar" and "Nakeer" are said to interrogate the deceased after the mourners have gone. On the day of resurrection, the deceased will stand before God while all the details of their past life are read from a scroll. Their good deeds and bad deeds are weighed against each other. The Koran mentions a bridge over Hell. All are challenged to cross it. Said to be 'finer than a hair and sharper than a sword,' believers cross over successfully while unbelievers fall into a deep abyss. {ASIDE: Isn't there always one? The Bible often refers to those who "walk the narrow pathway to God's Kingdom." If per chance you witness me on one of my daily strolls, often at Ocean Beach, lining the pathways along the gardens...or the curved route along the mini golf course...or the Nature Walk trail along Alewife Cove...please believe...that I am attempting to "walk the narrow pathway to God's Kingdom"...every step of the way...and good luck to those who would stop me. (Originally hand-written on July 29, 2011.)(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!) Ten Years after the Fall of The World Trade Center twin towers.

Remembering 9/11: "Resurrection"

Great Performances on WGBH (PBS) topped off my evening on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. Featuring the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, live from Lincoln Center, the evening serenade consisted of Mahler's Symphony No. 2, "Resurrection," performed, and ultimately ending with a chorus singing in Italian (with English subtitles) such words as...."our seeds shall be sown again"...."we shall overcome"..."we shall rise again"...Surprisingly, I found it hard to tune in to this concert until the banging and clashing of the end, accompanied by these words!

Remembering 9/11: Dr. Charles Stanley

FOR MORE INFO, GO TO: and click on the Banner, "Remembering NINE11" FOR MORE INFO on Sunday's TV broadcast, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, (Local TV station WHPX-TV, Sundays, 8-9a.m., and Local Radio Station WSGG-FM, Mondays, 3:30-4pm): LIVING THROUGH YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, call (800)323-3747. In Touch Ministries, PO Box 7900, Atlanta, GA 30357. Subscribe to: "In Touch" magazine, FREE. Standing on the pulpit, red-carpeted, but modest with a large map of the globe in the background and large wooden pillars, Dr. Charles Stanley resembles a well liked teacher in a different place and time, very similar to my sixth grade classroom at Palmer Memorial School in Uncasville, CT. In a calm, unassuming manner, he delivers the timely message of the Word of God and is surprisingly in touch with modern technology in order to spread the word of the Gospel teachings. Quiet and unassuming, Dr. Stanley may not grab your attention immediately, but in time, if you give "In Touch" a try, I think you may become as fond of the series, and the wide range of print and on-line media which he makes available to all of us in his established outreach ministry.

Remembering 9/11: Stand up and Fight!

FOR MORE INFO, GO TO: No one should ever be afraid to stand up and Fight for Your Rights!