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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Positive Changes!

Positive Changes have come to the landscape at WP Apts. I applaud the attempt to bring the community IN, but I know certain members of the population are slow to change. I also know that I don't mix well in certain situations. I prefer to join the community WITHOUT, such as the Riverside Park festival last Sunday, at the last minute notice in The Day for "en plein air" painting. There certainly was a cool vibe in the air last Sunday as I toted my paints and favored a certain tree in this park atop the hill, overlooking the Thames River, just off of Crystal Avenue, near the Goldstar Bridge in East New London. Accompanied by the music of live bands, I enjoyed the new direction my "job" (OASIS) is taking! I didn't see the day go by and everyone who attended was friendly to me; including many people who I recognized from my travails in downtown New London from Summer 2010. "Good natured!" New London Landmarks will meet at the Pilot House at Ocean Beach on the evening of October 13; 6:30-8:30 to address the issues of Saving Riverside Park for the City of New London and the children at the new magnet school.