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Monday, September 26, 2011


FOR MORE INFO, on a New You and the chance to win $1M in May 2012; go to: 23 hits today! (Thanx for following me, everyone! -- Not the stalkers, though. I'm sure they're hiding lots of dirty little secrets which they don't want anyone to know about. Like I said: Job Security :)...But what about me? How much longer will I be forced to live in poverty and fear. And -- WHY?


"Who says I don't work?" Someday, somehow, somewhere; I would like to present to you more of my original drawings and paintings since Winter & Spring 2011 on my MAAP website! Haven't been able to squeeze film processing into my budget these days! Stay tuned and visit: UP NEXT: "Porgy & Bess," Broadway's hottest revived musical (originally an opera!)...The Holy Bible: quotes from the story of "David & Goliath." And I plan to update my profile on LINKEDIN soon with awwwwwlllll of my art exhibits for the past few years, since 1999 and especially 2010 to 2011. (It's hot...and beware!... all of you stalkers and gawkers at Williams Park Apartments in New London, CT! Because I'm gonna kick your butts to holy H-e-l-l! (Denise...Denise Dances...2011.)

"Crocuses" Among Us

Partly sunny and very peaceful at Ocean Beach. I felt safe among the patches of crocuses, blooming in profusion among the gardens, and surrounding the mini golf course at Ocean Beach. Crocuses bloom...often poking through the ice and snow which remains...after a long, cold and often lonely winter. Spring awakening. Easter! Rebirth. Transformation! What was I doing on that fateful day? On Saturday, April 16, 2011 -- the day dawned. In late afternoon..."Crocuses," prismacolor pencil on paper. (BACKYARD SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE) (I would be pleased to honor my friend, the late and great Russell Cavanaugh with my drawing of "Crocuses" presented to you on MAAP! ("But YOU like it!" -- R.C.) For more info, please go to:

More Backyard Scenes!

COMING SOON TO MAAP! "Pachelbel Pine...with Robin Feather Study" (BACKYARD SCENES / OF MINI GOLF COURSE). OASIS: Field Notes - (1) Use watercolor to paint pale blue sky. (2) Keep it "minimalist" -- like an Oriental Brush painting. (3) Robin Feather Study - nice, plump robin - is focal point. For more info, go to: But when???


In 1893, the City of New London purchased White Sands Beach for $25. From that time forward, the beach, located on the City's southern most shore was known as OCEAN BEACH PARK. The tract included two parks, a small one on the west end and a larger park on the east end. The two parked were joined by a narrow stretch of beach. Even then, visitors would invariably express delight over the beauty of the landscape. (COMING SOON to MAAP....! "Duck Pond" (SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE). For more info, go to: or most likely sooner at the annual HYGIENIC "Salon des Independents" Winter Art Exhibit & Festival in downtown New London in late January 2012.


The harsh environment of the coastal habitat has led to the evolution of a variety of plants which provide functional benefits to people and wildlife. The plants serve as a food source, shelter and to stabilize the environment. The protection of these resources is an important management policy for the City of New London. The Nature Walk and Observation Platform are designed to encourage visitors to stay on the designated trails, thus minimizing impacts to these sensitive areas. (Sponsored by the CT Long Island Sound license plate fund and the CT-DEP.) (COMING SOON...TO MAAP! "Fall Scene of Alewife Cove" and "Fall Scene of OASIS at Alewife Cove (w/ songbirds). For more info, go to:

Rugosa Rose

RUGOSA ROSE Also known as the wrinkled rose, this plant has fragrant pink, red or white blossoms that bloom several times throughout the Spring and early Fall. This plant stabilizes the sandy soil and its fruit (rose hips) are a food source for wildlife. Rose hips are also used to make syrup, jam and jelly. Rugosa Rose can grow from 2-6 feet and the branches and nettles provide an almost impenetrable shelter for small birds and mammals that call this habitat home. However, Rugosa Rose is on the CT-DEP list of potentially invasive plants. (COMING SOON to MAAP! "The Transformation Series I, II and III." For more info, go to:

Joyce Meyer says: Be Unstoppable!

"Hedy Lamarr, a popular movie star from the 1930s and 1940s, was extremely creative and intelligent. She earnestly wanted to help with the war effort during World War II...considered leaving acting to join the National Inventors Council...told her pretty face and star status could do more for the war by encouraging people to buy war bonds. But Hedy never gave up...and helped invent a remote controlled radio communications system that was patented during WWII. In addition to her invention..., she raised millions of dollars to help the war effort. It is amazing that those who have contributed so much to the progress of society have often had to endure tremendous criticism, judgement, and persecution in order to make something in the world better. This clearly shows how Satan fights progress of any kind. He uses all kinds of fears to try and stop people. But the Confident Woman keeps pressing on and will say: YES! even when the world screams "no!" (SOURCE: "The Confident Woman Devotional," by Joyce Meyer; FaithWords: Hachette Book Group; New York, NY. Copyright 2011.) How's that for up-to-the minute news reporting???...* * * :)(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!) NOTE: Be sure to watch "Dancing with the Stars" this Monday evening on ABC TV.


UP NEXT. Good morning, Everyone! Yeah, I'm still here. Back to my place of refuge. I swear the very walls have eyes where I live. (How else would these people have been able to get away with so much for so long?) UP NEXT: Continuing along the path to reveal to you the differing Ancient Belief Systems in life after death, we will have: "NATIVE AMERICANS" and finally, CHRISTIANITY. Another selection from THE CONFIDENT WOMAN by Joyce Meyer...Selections from the History of Ocean Beach...COMING SOON TO MAAP!...and....mooooore MUSIC! Less controversy. Much less! Yeah...get me to a Safe Harbor...soon!


AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES: The natives of Australia have a rich storehouse of beliefs. A strong concept of "Life after death" survives. The "dream time" in which they believe is a place removed from space and time. It is home to spirits and ancestors, gods and psychic messages. "Many aborigines still live their lives according to rules handed down for millenia in no more than a story and a song." MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER, -- a book I read in 1995 while taking up T'ai Chi -- details a "walk about" which the author took through the desert, accompanied by a primitive population of people. Here, the aborigines commune with spirits and each other, using their gifts of mental telepathy. "They base their lives on intuitive hunches and the ability to empathize with the emotions...of others, even at a distance." (Yes, I have this gift. However, not everyone who possesses this ability uses it for the good of others. Ie, M.S., 2nd floor.)...Often "responding to an inner call to move out of danger to another place or of rescuers finding compatriots in distress who have issued a...'psychic flare.'" "We have lost touch with basic survival skills that may once have kept us alive in a hostile environment." According to paranormal researcher Bill Chalker, the rock art of the Northern Territory reveals a belief in life after death. They believe that the dead are taken up into the sky and brought back to Earth again, in a trance as they witness their friends and relatives in morning. (SOURCE: "The Afterlife: An Investigation into the Mysteries of Life After Death," by Jenny Randles and Peter Hough, The Berkeley Publishing Group, New York, NY. Copyright 1993. Available at the Book Barn in downtown Niantic, CT.)


APATHY: n [Gk apatheia, fr. apathes without feeling, fr. a- + pathos emotion -- more at PATHOS] 1: LACK OF FEELING OR EMOTION: IMPASSIVENESS 2: LACK OF INTEREST OR CONCERN: INDIFFERENCE.