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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Room with a View"

ROOM WITH A VIEW: The four spires of St. Mary Star of the Sea Church are the focal point. Surrounding area includes the Thames River, the banks of Groton, Eastern Point Beach, Fisher's Island, the mouth of the Thames River and New London Ledge Light; Fort Trumbull, the OIC building, Shaw's Cove, Ocean Avenue, St. Joseph's Church, etc., etc.

"Manisses Nativity Scene"

Need I say more? FOR MORE INFO, GO TO: and there you will see...the long-awaited..."Manisses Nativity Scene!" (OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND). Just in time for Christmas! COMING SOON to MAAP! "Pachelbel Pine...with Robin Feather Study (BACKYARD SCENES / OF MINI GOLF COURSE)..."The Familiar" (BACKYARD SCENES)...and ..."Crocuses." As well, you will soon be able to view: photos from my art exhibit at City Hall, TSETSE Gallery, Month of May 2012?


...Featuring scenes from two of my favorite places, Ocean Beach, including the boardwalk and the Mini Golf Course...and the Burrows Farm in back of the Groton Library..."Winter Scenes of January 2011."


UP NEXT...This afternoon, I will have for you a Winter Photo Essay from two of my favorite places (which I think you all know they are by now)..."Room with a View" (the view outside of my living room windows of the historic waterfront district in New London)...and COMING SOON TO MAAP! At long last...."Manisses Nativity Scene!" (OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND), the first in a series! "Manisses Nativity Scene" is a spin-off of A Peacable Kingdom by Edward Hicks, one of the most reknowned American Folk Artists. A Peacable Kingdom, something we all desire and which we have all worked very hard for! FOR MORE INFO, GO TO: Check it out this afternoon! (Wednesday, October 5, 2011). As for me, I am just going to enjoy the day outside, here in Groton Town, home of the rams and the Peacable Kingdom. UP NEXT: In the future: LESS WORDS (except for my Private Journal), and a couple of off-line creative projects. MORE PICTURES. Get the picture? (Denise...Denise Dances...2011.)