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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Just as October was my buddy Paula's favorite month (and still is); she used to take note of my lethargy, in particular during the Fall season in October and declared it was my lowest time of the year. Fatigue? Yes! But, been in hibernation for too long. And in dire need of lots of outside time! And Sunshine! So, for now....back outside to visit the rams and lambs...and until next time, Honeeeey, see you at the beeeaaaach! (Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Winter Tales

LOVE FOR A JUST CAUSE For more info, go to: the heroine of the latest movie for kids and adults, "Dolphin Tales." Happy to see this movie a week or so ago in Niantic, I feel it was tailor made just for me, in a way. Go see it soon! October was / is my buddy Paula's favorite month and she be callin' me home; to share a favorite place and memories of the place we used to frequent: NIANTIC.

World's Greatest Musician

"One of the world's greatest classical musicians -- whose performances normally earn $1000 a minute -- was playing Bach's most difficult and exquisite violin pieces on a 3.5 million dollar, 300-year-old Stradivarius for FREE!"one morning at Washington DC's Metro station in January 2007." I have enjoyed listening to violin virtuoso Joshua Bell, on occasion on PBS TV, Live from Lincoln Center in New York; and accompanied by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra -- for FREE as well. Although I did not readily assign a dollar value to this at-home concert serenade; I would say I enjoyed it just as much as if I did realize the dollar value. These concerts may be considered a luxury...but at times, call it a luxury to sit at home and relax with a live classical concert out of New York these days! This selection is from IN TOUCH MAGAZINE. For more info, go to:


UP NEXT! Out to lunch. Hey. It's been almost two weeks, too long to go without a visit to my wooly friends, the rams and lambs out back! Badly in need of fresh air and outdoor excercise as well! Antsy? Waking up in the wee hours? UP NEXT: "World's Greatest Musician"...and..."Winter Tales." Briefly, as I have a lot to do...and so do you!

Day at the Museum: Finale!

FIVE. Back home via the heavily trafficked I-95 (badly in need of repair, another lane, and widening)...I took a Waterford exit...crossing the Town Line from East Lyme...I entered the doldrums of Oswegatchie...that section of Waterford where...blink an eye and it's gone!...past September's, my long-forgotten dance club of the 80s and maybe even early 90s...(I guess all this shit was bound to happen...:)....and through Waterford Center...and following Clark Lane home. The Florence Griswold Museum and grounds are located on Exit 70 in Old Lyme, just off of I-95. HOURS Tuesday - Saturday, 10-5. Sunday 1-5. For more info, call (860)434-5542. Or go to: NOW SHOWING: The Exacting Eye of Walker Evans, October 2, 2011 to January 29, 2012. Check out his black and whites of the Depression Era of the 1930s.

Museum IV: "Girl Looks Outside"

THE RIVERFRONT. "The property is bordered on the west by the Lieutenant River, which meandes through Old Lyme, later joining the Connecticut River, just before it flows into Long Island Sound. The Lieutenant River is in constant flux, as the tide fills the river to capacity, flooding the grassy marshes along the riverbanks, for which Old Lyme is known to attract artists. Using a borrowed canoe, the artists would investigate" the network of rivers and rivulets. The ever-changing light on the river and marsh grasses inspired them, as it does me. Canoeing, anyone? MARSHFIELD HOUSE. This unassuming white structure, rear of the Krieble Gallery, was designed by New York architect Philip Hiss (1857-1940), as a Colonial Revival house built in 1937 by Judge Robert McCurdy Marsh. And the actual site where I stood, in a different place and time, in turn of the century garb, as a "virtual" model for my painting of last Fall 2010..."Girl Looks Outside." (This painting was given to my mother in April 2011 as a birthday gift, portrait of oldest daughter.)For more info, please see earlier posts of October 2010 and find out where I got my inspiration! For more info, check me out at:

A Day at the Museum: III

THE FLORENCE GRISWOLD HOUSE. Captain Robert Harper Griswold bought it in 1841. His youngest daughter, Florence turned it from a sea captain's mansion to a boardinghouse for artists, charging $7.00 per week, communal meals and accommodations. The Old Lyme Artists Colony of American Impressionist style painters stayed here as her guests from 1899-1922.

A Day at the Museum: Part II

LUCIEN ABRAMS (1870-1941) "The Orchard," Oil on Canvas, 1916, features bold brushstrokes, extreme texture, color contrasts, dotted and not blended. This painting on permanent display at the Florence Griswold House, 2nd floor is the one which I admired most on this particular visit.

A Day at the Museum

BUT NOT YET! A Day at the Museum: The Working Methods of the Old Lyme Artists" WILLIAM CHADWICK (1879-1962) STUDIO. "Despite the fact that the Impressionists, both in France and America, championed the notion of painting outdoors -- Most eventually returned to the studio to complete a work of art. The early Old Lyme artists led by Henry Ward Ranger work outdoors with the intention of gathering visual info in a sketchbook or an oil sketch. In contrast, "plein-airists" ventured outside and set up painting stations...Most of the artist who came to Old Lyme also had studios in New York or elsewhere. The studios had high ceilings and north-facing windows with spaces for sleeping and living." (Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT. Tuesday, October 11, 2011.)

Good Morning from Groton!

Good Morning to you all, my Faithful Readers! If you are still here, it feels good to be "home," (in the words of Julianne Hough, former dance instructor on "Dancing with the Stars;" airing Monday and Tuesday nights live on ABC TV. Just thought I would mention a fun factoid. Y'know Kim Johnson, the blond with the Aussie accent? I met her, in person, along with Dimitri Chaplin, at the Mohegan Sun "Reality Check" series, Free Performance and autograph signing on -- no less, June 17, 2011...the four year anniversary of the fateful day we discovered my best friend Paula had passed. Coincidence? I think not! We both loved the show and would call each other during commercials to dish. So...the Four Year Interlude since the passing of Paula...the 2-Year interlude within the Interlude of a major relationship for me, my friendship with Russell. Sometime around mid Summer, I feel I began what is the Second Half of My Life. I plan to retire this blog by December 2011. That's right, everyone! I'm getting off my soapbox. From its "humble" beginnings as an intended expose on the Public Healthcare System...which led to CSI#1...and CSI #2...I think that's more than enough trouble for one lifetime. I feel this blog attracts danger! It feels good to be safe; safer than I have been in a long time; I hope. The only way Out of something is through think SAFE in order to be SAFE...and retire what attracts danger! However, being that I live in New London, CT; I feel there is no Middle Ground: only the very wealthy...and the very poor...and's exactly the same thing! And order that I may live the Second Half of my life...without attracting any more trouble... if I can help it...It's time to start living and stop blogging! ASAP. (Denise...Denise Dances...2012 +)